I met my friend, Laura, at Kendall College of Art & Design back in 1998. We were both illustration majors until Laura switched to fine art. We had a ton of classes together. She has always been that friend to make me laugh so hard that I cry and my stomach hurts. She’s awesome. Laura is also an amazing artist, check out her work here!  I have many memories with this girl and I’m so happy to be able to share her news of becoming a mom a few weeks ago! Laura and her husband, Randy, have been wanting to adopt for a while now and last week I got to meet their handsome, little Renn. They are already great parents and I am so very happy for them. This kid is so loved and I’m thankful that they have each other. This is one beautiful family!


Laura, my sweet friend, I am thrilled for you and I hope you like the photos. I get choked up looking through these because I know how happy you are to be a mom. I was honored to take them for you. Also, thank you for being one of my biggest supporters in switching to photography. I’m so blessed to call you friend. – Meg