When I was a little girl, I fell in love with dance, as most girls do. Ballerinas are so lovely and amazing to watch. It is truly an art. It takes discipline, amazing strength, flexibility, grace, commitment, and hours and hours of training. One of my dreams when I became a photographer was to photograph a beautiful ballerina. This week my dream came true when I met up with 16 year old, Aleah, and her mother, Laurie, at the beautiful Cheney Place in Grand Rapids. (By the way, if you are looking for a gorgeous indoor reception spot, you will want to check this place out.)


Aleah is very talented and is being trained by some of the world’s finest ballet dancers. I was so in awe of her skills and beauty, I ended up editing around 400 photos of this session and honestly had to force myself to stop because I could have edited more. Every move she made was a work of art that I wanted to capture. 


Very soon, Aleah will be leaving for NY for a dance competition and I wish her the best. Aleah, you are sweet and humble and it was honor to photograph you! I can’t wait to see you dancing on stage in NY someday. I hope you enjoy your preview.