Last September my friend, Selena, and I traveled to the South of France for Janine and Lance’s wedding. Neither of us spoke french and we had never been to Europe. It was pretty exciting. I like to say “we survived France,” because we made it to each destination without a hitch, thanks to so many sweet friends we met along the way.


We flew into Paris without any sleep and explored the city and crashed from exhaustion. After some rest, the next day we headed to the Palace of Versailles. We ran into two sweet ladies from Michigan while waiting for the train. We jumped on the train and Selena got stuck in the doors. It was hilarious and terrifying, but we pulled her on the train and saved her life! We loved chatting with our new friends, Carolyn and Heather, on the train. After a while, the train stopped. We figured out we had taken the wrong train and had to get on the right one. It was a fun adventure. The Palace was stunning and surreal. I recommend seeing it if you ever go to France. Afterwards, we ate in a beautiful restaurant close to the Palace. We ended the night with a boat tour of Paris, which was gorgeous. 


The next day, we took the high-speed train to the South of France. It was a great way to see the countryside and to relax for a few hours. We got off the train and saw palm trees and it was warm. I wasn’t expecting that at all. We stayed in a gorgeous hillside hotel in Bormes-les-Mimosas, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


The bride and groom, Janine and Lance, booked a gorgeous restaurant in the marina by the Mediterranean Sea. They were married in the quaint old village of Bormes-les-Mimosas, sitting on a the flank of the forested Maures mountains. It was absolutely adorable. The reception was at Château de Brégançon, again overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. You could see Fort de Brégançon from the Chateau. The morning after, they served sandwiches and drinks on the beach. It was a perfect end to an amazing wedding weekend with the sweetest people. They have excellent taste and the whole weekend was just amazing.


We ended up in Tours, France the last two days. We were just roaming around enjoying the city and found a car rental place where we met our friend, Maxime, who was so kind. After touring a few chateaus, we returned the car and Max showed us around the city and took us to the best restaurant where we ate crepes. It was a fun night! I would live in Tours, it’s adorable. 

It was so hard to come back home from such a gorgeous place! We met so many wonderful friends along the way. It was a trip we will never forget.